We combine chemistry, engineering and creativity to deliver outstanding solutions. Our products make a significant contribution to saving crops, improving health and enhancing standards of living for people. Our businesses produce raw materials that are essential in the manufacture of a wide variety of goods: from paints to polishes, textiles to pesticides – chemicals manufactured by Mijokum enhance many aspects of our lives.

Pressroom Chemicals:

Mijokum manufactures world class Pressroom Chemicals for the offset printing and packaging industry. Our range of Blanket Washes, Fountains Solutions and Plate Cleaners may be used in sheet fed presses manufactured by Heidelberg, Baldwin, Komori, KBA, Man Roland and Mitsubishi…


Specialty Solvents:

Mijokum is a leading manufacturer of Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents (AHS) in Pakistan. We also manufacture narrow boiling range solvents like SMT and Heavy Kerosene. Our refining facilities allow us to manufacture solvents tailored to our customers’ specifications and to reclaim off-spec solvents…



Mijokum manufactures and distributes several grades of paraffin wax for use in generic and specialist applications. We also keep stock of imported paraffin waxes in order to offer our customers a one stop shop for all their wax needs…


Emulsions & Cleaners:

Mijokum manufactures a variety of emulsions for the particle board, leather and textile chemicals industry.
Mijokum has developed cleaning products for the printing and packaging industry. Our range of autowashes, manual washes and blanket conditioners may be used in lithographic printing presses manufactured be Heidelberg, Baldwin, Komori, KBA, Man Roland and Mitsubishi…



Mijokum is the pioneer of hydro-metallurgy in Pakistan. It has developed in-house technology in the fields of Leaching, Solvent Extraction and Electro-wining of copper. We have vertically integrated processing from indigenous ore to metal…


Toll Manufacturing:

Manufacturing has been the core competence of Mijokum for the last 25 years. We carry out assurance based manufacturing on toll or contract for customers. Our staff has expertise in handling all kinds of chemistries and products. We have developed our systems to ensure health, safety and security and we enter into confidentiality agreements to protect our customer’s intellectual property…